Alaskan animals-a wolf eats dinner.
Summer in Alaska brings all kinds of birds to nest. Sea animals abound in a Alaska's waters: Seals on a buoy.
Photography challenges sheep on cliffsides.
Spirit of Alaskan wildlife: the Cross fox.

The birds were graceful in the air,
The sea, with fishes teamed.
The moose was grand with fine big horns;
The world was right, it seemed.8

The mighty Alaska Moose.
More sealife: Otters bask in the water.
Sealife in Alaskan waters: giant tigar shrimp.

8. "Legend of the Thumb"- Friends of...the Tent In Tok

Alaskan wild animals: Sheep romp and play.
Alaskan wild animals-Closeup of a moose.

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music, and photos-copyright
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt