Where is Alaska? I had asked
And was truly mystified.
"Far away--at the end of the world,"
My grandpa had replied.

At times, indeed, there seemed to be
Some truth in his remark,
Especially traveling endless miles
Through cold and timeless dark.

When we arrived at last and saw
The wilderness town below,
With frost-filled streets and Christmas bulbs
Glowing 'neath the snow,

I thought then (as I still do)
If the end of the world is this...
It must not be the end at all,
'Else something I had missed.

For here, from out of nowhere,
In all this land, it seems,
Lies beauty, strength and vision...
The things that make our dreams.

As child I came, and woman grew,
And never lost that sight...
Alaska was NOT the end of the world...
But a genesis to all that's right.21

21. "Genesis"-Going To The End of the World

Complete contents-text,
music, and photos-copyright
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt