I can see you in the moon o'erhead,
In quiet morning hush,
Glowing in the sunset red,
Or in auroran blush.2

Some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world are everyday Alaskan scenery.
Summer in Alaska fishing.

The ice will melt and lakes will thaw
To a fisherman's delight,
And it seems as though a little rain
Will prompt the fish to bite.3

The flush of morning's dawn, her cheeks,
Brilliant as the blushing peaks.4

Red as the Alaskan fireweed, this sunset glows in the sky.
Photography and photographing Alaskan wildlife is a favorite hobby.

The peaks were rough and hard as I
Ascended to the top.
I rested there and glassed the field
Above the forest top.5

I walked with God today
Even though it was unseen.
I spent quiet moments with my Lord
With no one there between.6

Poetry in motion: Alaskan water spirits.
Alaska air spirits: sunsets and sunrises move to their own music.

Her flaming hair in sunset glows,
Lightly brushed as south wind blows.7

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Complete contents-text,
music, and photos-copyright
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt

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