He seats himself upon the land
And waves an icy finger.
Earth's mantled cloak of snow and cold
Has just begun to linger.14

Winter in Alaska, beautiful mountains, ice and snow.Liquid ice...Overflow -a dangerous place to ground. An iceberg floats pristinely in the calm waters of a glacier bay Tok River harnessed with icy banks flows harmlessly through the Alaskan frontierA calm quite day. The mirrored water as crystal clean as it looksLittle Tok River abundantly twists through the forest
Alaska photos: autumn leaves.

With quickened days and falling leaves,
Jack Frost bites the gentle breeze.9

The Autumn Prince is bright and bold,
He paints the mountains brown and gold.
His artistry, done in many shades,
Prepares for Winter, as Summer fades.10

Alaska scenery, majestic mountains.
Alaska at its best: a log cabin home.

Though humble cabin it may be
Of logs, hand-peeled by knife,
No nobler place on earth compares -
It's home...and heart...and life.11

Her throne...a valley and mountains, still,
Draped with gold, a silent thrill.12

Winter in Alaska is spectacular sunsets.
Alaskan photography highlights frost and trees.

Hushed and still, snow covers the earth
In feather-like blanket of down,
Draping trees in velvet glow
Like crystals on a gown.13

My heart beats to moonlit snow
And frost is softly falling.
With thoughts of you, my heart is filled;
The moon is gently calling.15

Spirits of the North find poetry in Alaskan winter moon.
Spirits of the North dance in the aurora borealis, the northern lights.

I lived, my soul so radiant...
My happiness unbounded...
I swam in liquid sunshine...
I marvel still, astounded.16

Think of me as I kiss the wind...
And I'll meet you at the river's end.17

Winter wind in Alaska creates original music.
The northern lights spirit lives in Alaskan skies.

Are we spirits of another star,
Scattered cosmic dust, supernal-
A timeless continuum
Bonded, infinitely eternal?18

But now whene'er the moon
Blossoms full and bright,
My thoughts turn to you...
As they do...tonight.19

Perfect Alaska scenery: The moon sets.
Like poetry in motion, the northern lights above a log cabin

So I'll leave the lamplight burning, love,
Above the cabin door
And in my heart the lovelight shines...
Amour, amour, amour.20

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Complete contents-text,
music, and photos-copyright
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt