WinterCabin, a summer or winter getaway, where the stars sleep beneath the northern lights.






Two of the screenplays below -"Waltz With Me, Alaska" and "Cyberghost"- were quarterfinalists in the 2001 Moondance Film Festival Screenwriting competition.


Alaskan writer, screenwriter, has written screenplays, childrens stories, unpublished manuscripts, a love story, romantic comedy and a true life adventure.

If you are interested in further information on any of the following, please email me and I will put you in contact with my California agent. All screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America and all works on this page, including photos, are copyrighted.

"She's the consummate Alaskan..."
   Paul Ryan, PBS-TV "Experience America"


WALTZ WITH ME, ALASKA - An Alaskan Love Story

Non-Fiction, Family Survival Drama-screenplayThis Alaskan non-fiction, unpublished manuscript is also a love story and family survival drama.

1977-Leaving civilization for the Alaskan wilderness, unable to complete their log cabin before winter, a young family struggles to survive in an old army tent. Conquering impending starvation, injury, and sickness in minus 70° weather, the family experiences love, humor and insight into themselves, life, and the land they love.

   Waltz With Me, Alaska is the true story of Dick and Donna Bernhardt and their two young children who leave their modern Anchorage home and life to realize their dream of hand-building their own log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, raise their family and live "happily ever after."  Unable to complete  the cabin before winter sets in, a 13 month struggle to survive in an old army tent with a dirt floor, no electricity, no water and no neighbors ensues.  They  battle to keep enough firewood cut to feed a woodstove with a cord-a-day habit.  When Donna must sew up Dick's leg after his run-in with a hostile chain saw, they face agony, but not defeat. Killing a moose when winter staples grow thin, they endure the dismay of learning the animal was diseased and the meat is inedible.
   With temperatures dropping to 70 below zero, every day is a day of peril, but peril and hardship are great teachers. The family works together, loves together,  laughs and cries together, surviving the winter, completing their log cabin and "living happily ever after." (Also available as a book manuscript--see below)
Click here for photos of the tent and more detail.
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Two Hour TV Pilot
Supernatural mystery thriller movie/pilot with possible TV series spinoff.  J.F. Walker, co-writer (See below under TV Series for the episodic spinoff details)

Cassandra Crone hosts a supernatural weekend to lure prospective partners into joining her new travelbusiness-the old manor is bedecked in Christmas splendor, the table is set, and the roaring  fire melts the chill from the winter storm as curious guests arrive, unaware that one univited ghostly visitor hides in the shadows growing stronger...waiting to continue a 300 year old legacy of evil.

Haunted Holidays is a new adventure travel outfit promising supernatural thrills and chills for your vacation plans. At a Christmas weekend kick off to coax prospective partners, Cassandra Crone hosts an all-expense paid holiday weekend retreat in Crone Manor- America's Second most haunted house. Cassandra is no stranger to the paranormal, having grown up in the shadow of "The Crone Curse;" a legend spun around  her family's tragic history

The immense old mansion has been the inspiration for many local ghost stories- especially the infamous Woman in Black, whose appearance is a portent of doom- even death. Cassandra's guests come from near and far, uncertain to what thrilling surprises Cassandra has planned for the spooky rehearsal weekend.

Guests initially believe the ghostly incidents to be no more than high tech theatrics, but even Cassandra is astonished when this seemingly innocent gathering sets the wheels of something sinister into motion… and the notorious Woman in Black proves to be more than a legend. With the unexpected arrival of Mary Reed, a young drifter, the weekend takes a frightening twist as she begins "picking up" scenes from the past, and the mystery deepens. The past begins to bleed into the present, entangling everyone in a web of intrigue over 300 years old.

But Mary is not the only guest without an invitation.  Many presences lurk in  the shadows of the old house, but one in particular is waiting in the darkness, and growing stronger.  The snowstorm grows fierce. Everyone trapped inside the mansion must put their skepticism aside and join forces in order to survive the holidays.

The weekend wears on, entangling some unlikely participants in the all-out supernatural struggle; where even the slightest coincidence has been predestined. But time is running out for Cassandra and her eclectic guests.  They must discover the identity of the nameless spirit before dawn, on Christmas day, or become the next victims of the Crone Curse.
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Action/Adventure/Romance-screenplay. David R. Stancliff, co-writer

Though forces of evil haunt American history, one woman's love for husband and country cannot be subdued. When the spirits of truth and justice and her unstoppable courage unite, she is able to right the past, save the present, and empower the future.

Masonic brothers and lifelong friends, Fitzgerald (a northerner) and Chadwicke (a southerner) are split by the Civil War. Rebecca, who carries a timeless love for both,  chooses Chadwicke. Chadwicke is killed in the battle at Gettysburg. Dark events involving Fitzgerald surround Chadwicke's death. Fitzgerald, now a Union general, bolts through southern lines to visit Rebecca. In time, Fitzgerald claims Rebecca's love. Only the reincarnation of these three souls in the future at the site of  Chadwicke's death, and a single shred of evidence carried through time by one long-dead soldier, can undo Fitzgerald's treachery.

In the present, Rebecca is once again engaged to Chadwicke but also drawn to Fitzgerald.  Rebecca and Chadwicke are unaware of their past life associations.  But Fitzgerald knows. To hide the truth in the past and regain Rebecca, he maneuvers tortured souls in spirit-plagued Gettysburg. Chadwicke suffers from battle-scarring dreams, caught in a web of time. To save him and reveal Chadwicke's murderer, Katherine must pierce time entering the battle at Gettysburg. Her only weapons an old watch and a photo, she enters a cataclysmic clash of forces between past and present and restores love and honor in the past, present and future.
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Ensemble Comedy-screenplay-Sid Venne, Tom Power, Chris Mattingly, co-writers

Shooter, Alaska, built along the Alaska Highway, has two things the rest of the world does not: Quantum Quartz and extremely independent citizens. When these rather odd residents are threatened with losing their town and their way of life by a large corporation and the federal government, the only solution to their predicament is to barricade the highway itself, causing havoc, laughs and worldwide attention.

Shooter, Alaska, is a town like no other:  no bank, no stop lights, no fast food joints and more sled dogs than people. A rough frontier town with few conveniences, built along the Alaska Highway, its small population are headstrong, independent to a fault, comical characters who value their way of life above everything else.  But their backwoods, happy lifestyle is about to come to an abrupt end if a large corporation and the federal
government get their way.

Lining the small town's streets, decorating it's houses, played with by the children, is Quantum Quartz-the rarest mineral on earth-and found only in Shooter. Beyond it's decorative  attributes, the California-based Advanced Technology Corporation has discovered it has potential as a new weapon and enters into an agreement to supply the federal government with all the Quantum Quartz it needs. Will Shooter  residents sell out to the corporation? Of course not. Enter...the masters of intimidation, the ATC men in their pinstriped-suits and the Feds in their dark sunglasses and black helicopters, who soon discover these oddball, quirky citizens aren't going to give up easily.

When the Shooter power plant is sabotaged, the entire town is without power, but still they won't sell. Lead by an ousted state trooper and his sidekick, an Alaskan indian with a Swedish accent, the townspeople barricade the Alaska Highway, shutting themselves inside, and stopping all travel, stacking up trucks, buses, RV's, and tourists in Shooter. Soon gasoline is at a premium, water is scarce, there is no electricity, and RV toilets are overflowing. The Alcaneers, single-handedly stand off the military, FBI, CIA, BSA and the National Enquirer, bring worldwide attention to their plight in a series of schemes, zany  snowmachine chases, and a daring parachute jump, and eventually thwart the corporation's dastardly designs on their town and lifestyle.
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Romantic Comedy-screenplay. Frank DeVaal, co-writer

A pair of struggling screenwriters get unexpected help when the ghost of another writer, murdered in 1940, takes up residence in their  computer. Determined to win an Oscar, he manipulates their lives and work, leading this wacky trio to fame, fortune and love.

Hollywood, 1940. A young screenwriter is killed by a loan shark's thugs; his spirit moves into his typewriter. Sixty years later, two aspiring screenwriters meet during an online seminar. Though they live thousands of miles apart, they decide to co-write a screenplay via email. One of them buys the dead writer's typewriter at an auction and places it next to his computer. The ghost secretly moves into the computer.

Manipulating the computer, he accidentally finds himself in a computer game where he falls in love with a beautiful cybergirl. As his skill with computers and cyberspace grows, the ghost writes his own script and  substitutes it for the one the young writers wrote. A Hollywood producer offers the pair $1 Million for the script, but when they try to physically work together, the chemistry is so strong they can't work and they go back to e-mail. Zipping through the often perilous regions of cyberspace, playing cupid, the ghost tries to hook the writers up. He must also free his cyberlove from the game that imprisons her...a game that will soon expire and self-destruct.
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Genre: Sci-fi/adventure/action.
Meant to be a Carl Kolchak/Nightstalker movie, but could be any retired newpaper reporter.

When retired a newspaper reporter on a winter vacation in Alaska, discovers what a comatose U.S. president, glorius global displays of northern lights, rapid climactic changes, worldwide communications and power blackouts, people suddenly vanishing, and a dying baby with a strange malady all have in common, he also solves the mystery of the father he never knew--an Air Force pilot--who disappeared eighty years earlier with his squadron of planes over the Atlantic Ocean.

Investigating the supernatural for years, there is little now retired newspaper reporter, Carl Kolchak rules out entirely. But in his wildest dreams, he never imagined a winter holiday in Alaska would solve the mystery of the father he never knew--an Air Force pilot--who disappeared with his squadron of planes while testing new radio communications over the Atlantic in 1922. A green glow and Capt. Kolchak’s last ominous words, “My God, it’s... absolutely nothing,” are his only clues. No trace of men or planes were found, becoming part of many mysterious human disappearances throughout the centuries.

Carl asks Megan Meyer to bring her baby, Michele, and house sit for him while he vacations. He watches the Iditarod Dog Sled Race and a wondrous display of northern lights. Newspaper headlines tell of two mushers disappearing on the trail in the race; aerial and ground searches have found no trace of them. Five Alaskans in twelve months have mysteriously vanished.

Reading of the U.S. government’s High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.) in interior Alaska, supposedly harmless testing to improve global communications, he learns natives believe otherwise. Sneaking onto the grounds, Kolchak is caught and imprisoned inside and discovers H.A.A.R.P. is a coverup to allow tests in controlling weather, global communications and mental processes. At the core of H.A.A.R.P.’s testing lies a relic retrieved from a crashed “space ship” which is the source of the phenomenal auroran displays. Even the operatives behind H.A.A.R.P. don’t realize the true power of this relic--interdimensional travel.

Alarmed at Kolchak’s apparent disappearance, Megan calls his best friend, ace investigative reporter Jeremiah Rhoades for help.  Kolchak is Jeremiah’s mentor and best friend. Just the opposite of Kolchak, he believes everything can be explained logically, a no nonsense guy. Rhoades, also Megan’s ex-fiance, refused to believe her tale of a virgin pregnancy and fleeting memories of a “space ship.” Leaving Michele with her grandmother they leave for Alaska, where they confer with scientists who believe H.A.A.R.P. will destroy earth’s ionosphere.

When Michele develops a strange and deadly malady, Megan resorts to Indian village medicine men who tell her the child is not of this earth.  Rumors of an odd “black aurora” discounted by scientists, persist in the native community. Rhoades writes a series of short articles drawing attention to H.A.A.R.P.’s head operatives and the facility. Though he is threatened, beaten, and told to drop the matter, for Kolchak’s sake, he cannot.

Finding Kolchak nearly frozen to death on the road after he escapes H.A.A.R.P., they regroup, seemingly at a halt. Kolchak cannot prove what he has seen, and Megan cannot save her child. Angered, Kolchak bursts from their cabin, taking the dying baby into the midst of the beautiful northern lights, pleading with the heavens to save Michele. A “space ship” (an interdimensional vehicle) appears through a black aurora--an interdimensional rip--created by aliens to allow passage through the time/space continuum. Drawing everyone into the ship, these benevolent aliens explain Megan’s supernatural conception and the reason for it, involving both Jeremiah and an alien father from another dimension. An alien transfusion saves the baby.

On board, an overjoyed Kolchak finds his father, who along with many others, had accidentally entered a dimensional rip. In order to save their lives, the aliens were forced to morph their human DNA, and though still human, they can no longer return to earth. After Kolchak tells the aliens of the relic inside H.A.A.R.P.they destroy it in order to save both the earth and their own dimension.

Jeremiah is forced to believe the unbelieveable. He, Megan, Michele, and Kolchak must now make a choice--return home or continue through the rip with the aliens and live on another world

Supernatural mystery thriller  TV series J.F. Walker, co-writer (See "Haunted Holidays" logline and synopsis above under Screenplays/Movies for description of two hour pilot)

Do you believe in the supernatural?  If given the opportunity to spend the night in a REAL haunted house, would you?  The supernatural excursions agency, Haunted Holidays, can make all your dreams (and
nightmares) come true. Cassandra Crone, whose lineage dates from a long line of supernormal events, is out to solve some of her own family mysteries while providing paying customers with  a frightfully good time. She and her team book thrillseekers into the realms of supernatural mysteries in the world's most exotic, enigmatic and paranormal locations. She has room for one more, are you coming?

The Concept:

HAUNTED HOLIDAYS-the series-An hour-long TV action/drama/supernatural series full of hauntings, mysteries, thrills and chills based on real and fictionalized, places and events around the world.

Centering around Cassandra Crone's "Haunted Holidays-Supernatural Excursions Agency," a newly formed business promoting supernatural travel  adventures, Cass, with her hand-picked partners, escorts small groups of clients to various places around the world, all hoping to catch a glimpse of things  "unexplainable." Accompanying her guests on these adventures, Cass continues her search for her own family legacy, carries on her father's work and seeks a way to end the Crone Curse. The series will encompass stories and legends of ghosts, banshees, bigfoots, witches, aliens-anything  out-of-the-ordinary. Each episode will begin with a different quote appropriate to the story from Edgar Allen Poe.

An eclectic group assists Cassandra with these adventures, among them, her wheelchair-bound great-aunt Tilda, the beautiful native American medium Aurora, an author and complete skeptic, a young high-strung psychic girl, and  her new male-interest, Derek, who quickly shelves his non-belief in supernatural things in the pilot, and becomes more open-minded and helpful throughout the series. Derek and Cass will develop an ongoing relationship in the series. Other characters assisting in the adventures add to the mystery and suspense of each show. Characters like Gilbert Throckmorton, radio host of the "Ghost To Coast," and Bertha Belle, the ever happy chef who cooks for guests on these adventures and is having a love affair with the Crone Manor butler.

Cassandra Crone still lives in Crone Manor, the large 300 year old mansion touted as America's second-most haunted house in America. Her great aunt Tilda says it is THE most haunted place in America. After discovering her father's will in the pilot and inheriting Crone Manor, her evil uncle Colin, will  continue to be a problem throughout the series, trying to rob Cass of the house. Her lineage includes characters known and unknown. In the pilot she and her  guests come face-to-face with one of them-the very unwelcome 300 year old witch/ghost, Elsbeth Crone-who is determined to destroy those living in "her"  house. An old necklace, discovered in the pilot and blessed with white magic, helps in keeping Elsbeth at bay, but is not the complete answer, as will be  discovered in the series. Elsbeth is always there, always waiting. Colin is always lurking, always plotting.

The series is meant to explore the realms of the unexplainable while unraveling  the mysteries of Cass's heritage-Crone Manor-it's hauntings, curses, and catacombs. Cass, Derek, Scary Mary Reed, Anne and Tilda learn more about their ancestors and reveal more mysteries of Crone Manor as they visit different places in each episode. Cass experiences many things in the pilot; battling  Elsbeth's evil, the discovery of her missing father, the death of her mother days after release from a sanitarium. Yet much is left undone, running as threads of mystery and eventually discovery, within each episode.

A visible, yet invisible, thread running throughout the series is the Edgar Allen Poe references beginning each episode. This is an intentional thread to bind the series together, yet there is an underlying plot which may be shown in the final episode when the series has run its course. While there are several ways the series could end, one possible scenerio would be that Poe's "The Raven" was actually written while he boarded briefly in Crone Manor- the Crone crows being  the inspiration for it.  It may also be revealed that the white witch who created the necklace to hold Elsbeth at bay was a distant ancestor of  Mr. Poe's and this  is where Malcolm's search was leading prior to his death at Elsbeth's hand. The Poe connection could be the key to permanently ridding the Crone's of Elsbeth. It is possible that Poe had the answer all along, locked within a manuscript, and no one realized it, not even Mr. Poe himself when he wrote it. By combining the  message in the manuscript or the message's direction with the necklace, Elsbeth could be destroyed. This is only one possiblility and the series would not be locked into this as a final solution.

When an episodic "haunting" is pure fiction developed by the writer, there are no restrictions to the history, discovery or solution to the mystery.  If the event  is "public domain" such as the heads on Easter Island, the story will center around fictitious characters and events with Easter Island as the backdrop, and  NOT a solution as to the origin of the statues.  Haunted Holidays will never attempt to prove anything that has not yet been proven in history.
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What if you looked through someone's eyeglasses?  What would you see? Would you see what  you see...or would you see what the owner saw? In Erik Yeager's case, he sees what the owner saw....

   Based on fact and fiction, HindSight is an hour-long TV action/drama series centered around Erik Yeager, a half white/half Alaskan indian with a special "gift"  caused by a childhood accident. His doctor/mentor, Dr. Grant, dubs it "optipsychometry" (the ability to see a person's past events while wearing that  person's glasses). Jasper, Erik's African-American best friend, appeals to him to use his gift and find his twin-sister, Janine. At the core of the series is Erik's gift, his friendship with Jasper and the ensuing search to find Janine, an Alaska Pipeline Company corrosion engineer who has discovered a revolutionary oil spill coagulating formula. Her mysterious disappearance initiates the formation of the HindSight group-a secret group of professionals including Jasper, Dr. Grant  and Randi-Erik's NYC girlfriend-who help in his ongoing search and other visionquests. Janine is seen throughout the series only in flashbacks. Each week involves them in a new mission traveling the world solving mysteries, bringing criminals to justice, finding lost souls and treasures, and righting wrongs. At times, these events are linked to Janine's disappearance.
     The series evolves as Erik's ability improves, adapting his gift to include any lens regularly used by the same person (contact lens, telescopes, periscopes,  microscopes, camera lens). Erik will also see things no other human has ever seen using a special apparatus allowing him to see through animal eye lens. How would a bear, bird, dolphin or an alien from another world perceive our world? Only Erik and the television audience will ever know. He will see what took place  at the signing of the Declaration of Independence when he slips on a pair of Benjamin Franklin's reading glasses.
     Shortcomings of his gift are always problematic. He sees what others saw, but since he isn't psychic, he can't see what they didn't see. Some problems he may encounter: A murder victim wearing glasses didn't see his attacker-Erik can't  either.  Or the world as seen through the eyes of a mentally ill witness to a crime or someone on hallucinatory drugs--is it real or is it drug-induced vision? Minor  recurring characters include 1) Doug Johnson, Janine's trusted nerd chemist friend, 2) Bradley Van Hughes, Randi's not-quite loveable obnoxious wannabe  love interest buffoon, 3) Mrs. Michaels, Randi's problematic, well-to-do next door high-rise apartment neighbor.
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TERMINAL CONNECTION -One-Hour Television Show


What would you do if you were George, faced with living in a highly polluted world, in 2204, where a local gang beats you, you have a nagging wife, three unruly kids, and a boss who hates you? When George Ogden DeMert discovers he’s got a very special computer at work, he makes it all disappear.

   In the year 2204, the world is highly polluted and dying. No living plants are left and the sun has been replaced by Solaray lamps on every street corner. Trees are fake, the world is 80% concrete and pavement, and New York City has grown so big that the only recognizable landmarks from the 19th and 20th century are the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty . The Empire State Building is dwarfed by the huge building complexes surrounding it. Gangs are everywhere and people travel on automated AutoBuses and AutoWalks.
George Ogden DeMert is a nice guy, but he lives a miserable existance. His wife is a shrew, he has three unruly kids, a gang of thugs keep beating him up, and his boss hates him. Even his co-workers begin to turn on him.
When George’s workplace on the seventh floor of Nu-Technologies gets new computers, he struggles to learn his. His boss gives him more and more work, and he learns his boss has a shady secret: he’s having an affair with George’s wife. George’s life couldn’t get any worse.
But George has begun to master his computer--a one of a kind machine. He discovers after many trials and failures, that his computer holds the power of Destruction and Creation. And George will get even, even if it's an accident. email to contact my agent

THE TENT - An Alaskan Love Story

Non-fiction, autobiographical, book manuscript. 502 pages, 86,041 words.

   As a six-year old living in Kansas, who would have thought this little girl would  have a lifelong love affair with Alaska? When her parents decide to move, Donna asks her grandfather, "Where Is Alaska?" He replies, "You're going to the end of the world."  Donna is whisked away to the end of the world with her parents, little sister and the family dog--all crowded into an old rust-bucket Dodge pickup. In the middle of winter the trip up the newly opened Alaska Highway was perilous by any standards, but  through the windshield of that old truck, she fell in love with the north. Donna grew up in Anchorage and later finds her second love...
   The Tent is the true story of Dick and Donna Bernhardt and  their two young children who leave their modern Anchorage home and life to realize their dream of hand-building their own log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, raise their family and live "happily ever after." 
   Unable to complete the cabin before winter sets in, a 13 month struggle to survive in an old army tent with a dirt floor, no electricity, no water and no neighbors ensues.  They battle to keep enough firewood cut to feed a woodstove with a cord-a-day habit. When Donna must sew up Dick's leg after his run-in with a hostile chain saw, they face agony, but not defeat.  Killing a moose when winter staples grow thin, they endure the dismay of learning the animal was diseased and the meat is inedible.
   With temperatures dropping to 70 below zero, every day is a day of peril, but peril and hardship are great teachers. The family works together, loves together, laughs and cries together, surviving the winter, completing their log cabin and "living happily ever after." (The Tent is also available as a screenplay--see above)
Click here for photos of the tent and more detail.
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Logline and synopsis are available for Alaskan non-fiction, plays, television series. Book manuscripts available for movie option include historical non-fiction, archival photos, and an autobiographical screenplay.

Historical non-fiction book manuscript. 330 pages, 62, 801 words,
innumerable never-before-published archival black and white photos.

Notes: This is a compilation of short vignettes and photos--the human interest stories--derived from interviews with over 200 men and women (mostly men), both army and civilian, who were directly involved in different capacities in the building of the Alaska Highway during the war effort in 1942. There are short simple descriptions of everyday life in the constantly moving camps, tearful recollections of tragedy, conditions of hardship endured by men proud to serve their country during time of war, and funny  uplifting stories which warm the heart. I have literally hundreds of early 1940's black and white photos (including entire photo albums) depicting every conceivable portion of what it took to build  the Highway.

Short Description:
December, 1941.  US officials fear Japanese invasion in Alaska. The north must be defended. How? Build a road linking Alaska to the United States in  the least possible time. True stories/archival photos of those pioneers, military and civilian, who, against great odds, built the Alaska Highway. It is a testament not only to themselves, but also to humanity's endearment to completion, for this pioneer road--this "impossible road" as it was known--would later be called the "Greatest Highway On Earth."

   December, 1941. Japanese forces bomb Pearl Harbor. The United States is drawn, fully, into World War II.  
   Though a few military bases exist in the north, Alaska, Canada, and the entire west coast of the U. S., lie vulnerable to attack and invasion by the Japanese.  It is debateable whether or not the Navy can keep northern sea lanes  open and enemy-free.  A better way is needed to defend the north. What can be done?
   Build a road--a road through some the wildest, most remote and severe weather areas in North America. There are those who think it impossible. Now, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the expected, almost certain attack on Alaska, prompts quick action. 
   1942--A master plan between Canada and the United States is initiated and the order to start work on the Alcan Highway Project becomes reality.  The road itself will stretch  over 1,400 miles, beginning in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, and ending in Delta Junction, Alaska. Time is the key--the best way in the shortest amount of time--an enormous undertaking, a  huge war effort.  U.S. Army Engineer troops mobilize. Sent north to blaze a pioneer road through untamed wilderness, across raging rivers, mountains, mud, mosquitoes and muskeg, they face imposing odds.
   With the Japanese occupation of Alaska's Aleutian Islands (Attu and Kiska) pressure becomes intense. The enemy has breached North America!  More manpower will be needed if the project is to be finished in the shortest time possible.  With the military leading the way, punching through the initial road, others are called in to help.  Over the course of the next few months and throughout the duration of the war, civilian contractors working with the Public Roads Administration, build permanent bridges and begin widening and improving the original road punched through by the military.
   Bob Hope organizes a troupe of entertainers, beginning the first of many USO show appearances, and at one short refueling stop at Northway Air Base in Northway, Alaska, he steps off his plane into frigid, sub-zero temperatures, climbs onto a nearby tree stump and begins an impromptu show for those at the remote airbase. 
   Civilian and military alike, fight  hordes of mosquitoes, battle extreme cold and fatigue, and endure hardships not found in any other part of World War II.
   But they do endure; they do finish, and they do it quickly  because this is war. Proud to serve their country in any capacity, they put their heart and soul into the effort. 
   Excerpts from the book:
   "I saw only one woman in the 11 months I was up there...."
   "The kitchen was a wall tent, like the ones we lived in and the cook stoves were kerosene-fired. Once in a while we would have pancakes for breakfast.  The cooks did a real good job, but they had to mix the pancake batter in big twenty-gallon aluminum pots, using a boat oar to stir it.  After they filled the griddle, the pot, near empty, sat for a few minutes before they mixed more batter.
   You could see, in the leftover batter, what looked like black pepper, and the cooks would grab an oar and stir it up again, mixing more batter in with the old.  So what's the  problem with that? The pepper wasn't was mosquitoes...." 
   "Fifty years later, would I do it all again?  Chances are, I would." Those who participated in this most unusual World War II effort still have an immense pride in their accomplishment. One man summed it up this way: "So...would I do it again? Without hesitation!"
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 (available with or without illustrations)


3-act stageplay. David R. Stancliff, co-writer

Only the spirits of the dead can know the truth about war.

When Jeremy and his best friend go off to  fight in the Civil War, Jeremy leaves behind his family, his sweetheart, Goliath--an imposing boulder on the family farmlands who refuses to be unearthed--and Seth, the family's beloved and highly trusted black servant. Times are hard for both Jeremy and the family he left behind, but Seth, through plain old hard work, insight, wisdom, and his mystical readings of the "bones," holds the family tightly together. As the war progresses, Jeremy's whereabouts are unknown.  Finally, Seth throws his bones
looking for an answer and doesn't like what he sees. When Goliath is easily removed and a mysterious gold coin emerges, Seth has the final answer to Jeremy's fate.
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Fiction-childrens book. 854 words, ages 4-8

Once upon a time pillows were made of rocks. Ling, King of the land of Elf, cannot sleep at night because the rocks inside his pillow are lumpy. He calls the palace inventor, Relf, an Elfling, and demands, "Lumpy. Bumpy! Relf, inventor in the land of Elf, make me a soft pillow!" Relf, after many futile attempts at filling the  king's pillow with various ridiculous items, finally invents a soft pillow...the feathery kind we all now use.
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Historical non-fiction. Multi-cultural childrens book. 700 words, ages

In 1927, a shy, quiet, young boy creates history in the future state of Alaska.  The  true story of how Benny Benson, a 13 year old, Russian/Aleut native boy living in an Alaskan orphanage, designed Alaska's official flag and influenced the writing of the official state song and flower.
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Childrens book in manuscript form.

Genre:Fiction-childrens book. 250 words, ages 2-6.

When Angela wakes up one morning, it is  raining.  Why would her mother insist she go outside and play with her friends when she doesn't have a raincoat? Angela doesn't want to disobey her mother, but common sense tells her she needs a raincoat.  Angela and her mother, throughout the story, are seen only as two sets of expressive eyes, cheeks and mouths. The mystery of her mother's insistence, what Angela finally does, and who Angela really is, is not revealed until the final page of the story.
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Childrens stories by Alaskan writer, Donna Blasor-Bernhardt.

Fiction. Multi-cultural childrens book. 1800 words, 21 watercolor illustrations.

This story won first place in the Delta/Greeley Creative Writing contest sponsored by Alaska State Council on the Arts. To be read to a child.  Not a beginning reader's book. While this story stands alone, it is meant to be the first of a series, with subsequent books using the same boy character exploring native customs, folk tales and traditions while,comparing them in a positive way, to similar non-native (white) customs within the two worlds of a multi-cultural child.

A bright young boy of mixed parentage (Athabascan Indian/Caucasian) questions his heritage.  Is he white or Indian?  He has two names; a given white name and an Indian name. K'haan questions his white and Athabascan grandmothers. Both tell him he will soon have the answers he seeks. Encountering a wise snowshoe rabbit, he is overjoyed, as the rabbit shares his skin color--brown--but is completely mystified when the obviously brown bunny replies "I'm not brown, I'm white."  Later, in winter, the bunny who changes color with the seasons, is now white yet tells the boy, "I'm brown!" Conversations with the rabbit claiming to be a color other than he appears, leads K'haan to the answers he seeks.
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Women writers author many childrens stories, movie scripts and screenplays.

The story of this moose is a winter survival story.

Fictionalized non-fiction. Childrens book. 1900 words, 20 watercolor illustrations, ages 4-8.

Story loosely based upon the author's real-life experience.  Alexandra Wallner (Greywood Studios-Philadelphia PA), children's book author/illustrator, whose book "Betsy Ross" was featured in the  Children's Book of the Month Club, gave this manuscript a favorable review at the International Women's Writing conference in New York (1996).

A loveable, young bull moose experiences an extremely cold, Alaskan winter and starvation.  Leaving his family herd, he heads off to places unknown in search of a more plentiful food supply.  Finding a sufficient source, he discovers it guarded by a vicious dog. Forced into action by his hunger, the young moose makes a near-fatal mistake.  His rescue  comes from an unlikely source: a log cabin and a rifle-brandishing woman. When spring arrives, the young moose returns to his herd, fully grown, healthy, handsome, and much wiser.
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Women screenwriters also write childrens books.

Fiction-childrens book. 500 words, 10 watercolor illustrations. 

Designed as a beginning reader or to be read aloud to pre-schoolers. Encourages identification of colors, and not-so-simple textures and shapes.

Katy, a beautiful, fuzzy green caterpillar, lives in a flower in the corner of a garden. Upon exploring the yard, she encounters eight different objects on her sojourn and tries to identify them, relating the color, shape and feel of each object to the reader.  Given these clues, the reader is shown only a partial image of each object. Thumbnail pictures on the final page show the correct name of each object.
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Non-fiction, 30-minute stereo audio cassette tape. Original songs, poetry and narrative. David R. Stancliff co-writer, producer, and performer.

As a young child, Donna, with her mother, father, little sister and the family dog leave Kansas in 1951 for the adventure of a lifetime...moving to Alaska in the dead of winter and traveling the newly opened Alaska Highway. The highway is barely more than a trail with a continuous string of dangerous narrow passes, ice-covered winding road, and hair-raising steep grades. But to Donna, bouncing and sliding along in her "royal coach" (an old Dodge pickup her dad rescued from a Kansan cornfield) it offers the first glimpse of a continuous love affair she will have with the north. Watching this strange new world through the truck's scratched old  windshield, Donna recounts her first impressions of snow, mountains, 50 below zero cold, and her total awe of the northern lights.
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GETTYSBURG - Fields of Love & Honor

Historical fiction, 50-minute stereo audio cassette tape. Original songs, narrative and poetry. David R. Stancliff co-writer, producer, and performer.

A young soldier, wounded in the battle at Gettysburg is tended by a field nurse. As the soldier lies dying, he tells her of the battle, his allegiance to his country, his family and little sister, best friend, and the drummer boy  who takes a stray ball and is also lost on the battlefield. The story of one of the most heroic and bloodiest battles ever fought on American soil, it is also a compelling tale of passion and compassion as narrated  and seen through the eyes of the battlefield nurse.
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"...the books...certainly captured the spirit of Alaska...the tape will continue projecting that same uplifting feeling...keep up the good

Governor & Mrs. Walter J. Hickel

Lifelong Alaskan, grew up in Anchorage, now live in Tok. High school:
editor/reporter for school paper, state breaststroke and diving
champion, Big Lake long-distance swim marathon winner. After raising
two children, I returned to my writing.

Still in print, I have written and published or produced:
...5 poetry books
...2 historical books
...2 recipe books
...1 children's book
...narrated an audio tape of my poetry
...performed and recorded 2 non-fiction audio tapes
...2 full-length non-fiction manuscripts have been optioned as movies 

My works, or excerpts of my work, have appeared in the following: 
...Writer's Digest
...Country magazine
...Birds & Blooms magazine
...South Carolina Observer
...Seattle Times
...Anchorage Daily Times
...Anchorage Daily News
...Fairbanks Northland News
...Santa Monica Daily Breeze
...Newport Daily Express (Vermont)
...Arkansas Democrat Gazette
...Chicago Daily News
...Gettysburg Times
...Morning Sun (Kansas)
...RV Today magazine
...Alaska magazine
...Bell's Alaska/Yukon Travel Guide
...Delta Wind
...Fireweed Journal
...Cordova Times
...Yukon Guide To the Goldfields
...State of Alaska's Southwest Regions Newsletter
...Alaskan Sampler Vol. 1 (musical CD)
...Dallas Morning News
...Self-Employed America

In addition, I: Alaskan field editor for Birds and Blooms magazine regional representative for the International Women's Writing
...have had my own column with byline in the Mukluk News since 1978
...wrote (in poetry form) the State of Alaska's Div. of Forestry mission
...wrote a radio play commissioned by the University of Alaska-Tok
...currently featured on the State of Alaska's Division of Tourism website
...was a feature in the Fairbanks Newsminer Heartland
...was a full-page feature in the Arts section Fairbanks Newsminer. the Frigid Poets Society
Frozen Ink Writer's group
...was featured in Alaska Business Monthly

As a result of both my writing and my lifestyle I've been a guest on:
...CBS television news program Nightwatch
...Senator Frank Murkowski's radio show (Washington, DC)
...the Norma Goodman Show (Anchorage)
...CBS-TV's Sunday Morning With Charles Kuralt
...the made-for-television special "The Road North"
...Paul Harvey aired a segment on me for his Paul Harvey's News and
...AFRN radio (military broadcasting)
...KUAC radio (PBS)
...PBS-TV's "Experience America" series

Professional memberships include or have included:
...Top One Percent Society
...Tok Chamber of Commerce
...International Women's Writing Guild
...National Writer's Union
...University of Alaska-Tok Advisory Board
...Alaska Center for the Book
...Regional Coordinator-Up With People.

...Writer's Digest competition for most unusual writing assignment
...First place-Alaska Division of Forestry Fire Writing competition
...First place Adult Poetry-Delta/Greeley Creative Writing
contest-(sponsored by Alaska State Council on the Arts)
...First Place children's story-Delta/Greeley Creative Writing
contest-(sponsored by Alaska State Council on the Arts)
...guest author-Young Author's Conference
...Tok, Alaska's, poet laureate
...Poet laureate of the Alaska Highway
...quarterfinalist Moondance film Festival Screenwriting competition (Waltz With Me, Alaska)
...quarterfinalist Moondance film Festival Screenwriting competition (Cyberghost)

Contact info: P.O. Box 61, Tok, Alaska 99780  or phone 907-883-5655
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