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WinterCabin, a summer or winter getaway, where the stars sleep beneath the northern lights.
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Alaska's Flag, designed by Alaskan native, Benny Benson.Welcome to Alaska, the Tent In Tok, and WinterCabin. Whether you're an artist, writer, photographer,  musician, actor, producer, tourist, armchair traveler, all of the above or none of the above, I hope you'll find enjoyment while visiting these pages.
Northern Lights glow over writer's retreat in Tok, Alaska
Tok poet laureate, Donna Blasor-Bernhardt with her Alaskan history book, Tok the Real Story Just a bit of introduction--I'm a lifelong Alaskan and very much in love with this magnificent country. I write for a living, and enjoy music, painting and photography. I've written several screenplays, a couple of full-length, non-fiction books, a children's book, two recipe books, a half-dozen books of poetry and a couple of short non-fiction books. Like most writers, I always have something in the works. Usually there's more than one "something" I'm working on at any given moment. Right now I'm putting together a TV pilot, writing a screenplay, doing research for yet another screenplay, and there's always a children's story in the making.
   I write regularly for the local paper (the Mukluk News), am a field editor for Birds and Blooms magazine in Wisconsin, and Alaskan correspondent for Guide To The Goldfields in Dawson City, Yukon. In my spare time, I like to take my camera and head down the road for any photographic opportunity which may present itself...a moose feeding in a pond, a beautiful sunset...whatever strikes me at the moment.  Or I may sit down and compose a song. One song I wrote can be heard on the "
Lady Alaska" page. In the winter, I may strap on my old white skis--Air Force-discards--and go for a short cross-country ski adventure, when I'm not writing, photographing the northern lights at 50 below zero, leading a Frozen Ink meeting (a writer's group I founded),  or splitting up firewood.
Writers, artists, photographers, actors and musicians stay at this Alaskan Bed and BreakfastWithin these pages you will find my own history/bio, what the Tent In Tok is (I actually lived in a big MASH-type tent here in Tok in 70 below zero temperatures), excerpts from my books, tapes and poetry, Alaska photo notecards (and order forms if you'd like to help a starving artist!), Alaskan photos, facts and information. You will also learn why I call my place "WinterCabin" even though I live here year-round,  and how to make reservations in any of my three B & B cabins. Tourists enjoy the "real Alaska" here. Artistic people stay in my log cabins for longer periods enjoying the peace and quiet, wooded surroundings and wildlife, while renewing their soul and creative energy.  Fancy?  Nope. Comfortable? Yep! Clean? You bet!  Will you ever want to leave? Probably not!!! 
Where the stars sleep beneath the northern lightsThe "Lady Alaska" page is my tribute to Alaska. I hope while viewing it you can experience the great awe I have for this country, its spell-binding northern lights, breathless sunsets and profound beauty. Alaska will hold your heart hostage and steal your soul. She is a metaphysical enigma, a mystagogue of enchantment. You either love her or hate her. Nothing inbetween is possible. And I love her.

A page of "
cool links" may be useful to you, which includes URL's for writing, music, photography, art, strange and wonderful things, genealogy, Alaskan information and my family and friends. More will be added as I come across interesting sites. 
If you are a writer and want  a little peace and quiet to rest, relax, write or  gain inspiration, come stay in a cabin. If you have a  website, write me and we'll exchange links or  banners. Also check out the writers page of other writers' websites.
"She's the consummate Alaskan..."
   Paul Ryan, PBS-TV "Experience America"
Alaska map shows Tok, Alaska on the Alaska Highway

Go to the "Tok" page and learn a little bit about this small community
I (and about 1300 other residents) call home. Tok, by the way, is pronounced with a long "o." It rhymes with "coke."  

There's even a chat board, if you've got a question relating to the arts or Alaska, my writing, your projects...whatever. Feel free to be loquacious!! Come back and check it often.'re invited to share in my love affair with Alaska through these pages. Enjoy...and please come back. Alaska, virtually or in real life, is an experience that should be touched, tasted and savored...and can never be forgotten! 

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Donna Blasor-Bernhardt
(Screenwriter, author, ALASKAN!!! sometime artist and musician, hopeless romantic, poet laureate of Tok and the Alaska Highway)
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music, and photos-copyright
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt
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